Who we are

My name is Matt and I live in Athens, GA with my beautiful wife, Shayna and my two adorable kids, Linden (5 yrs old) and Lyric (3 yrs old). I have a deep passion for creating with excellence. I am a photographer, web designer and graphic designer. My wife and I love anything and everything that is vintage.

How we got started

I’ve always loved incorporating vintage elements into my designs and I often look to vintage ephemera, and public domain images for inspiration. A few years ago I was searching for vintage inspiration and I became extremely frustrated! There was no singular website that I could go to, to easily find tons of vintage images. All of the vintage sites I found were either smothered in so much advertising that I couldn’t even find the actual images, or they were impossible to navigate. In my frustration I asked myself, “Why isn’t there ONE  WEBSITE that makes it easy to find tons of vintage images?”. So, I set out to change that and make a website with NO advertisements and a simple layout that put the focus back where it was supposed to be, on the vintage images.

That was the birth of, and now 2 years later we have thousands of amazing vintage public domain images available on our website. But I don’t want to stop here, our goal is to have over 1 million vintage public domain images available for download. I currently have over 1 million images in my possession, it’s just a matter of sorting them, organizing them, labeling them, and then uploading them. Then I have to manage the hosting and keep the site secure and functional so that the images are easily accessible to our visitors. This is a very ambitious goal especially since I am doing it single-handedly, in my spare time. That’s why I need your support!

What we are not

We are not a stock photography website like Shutterstock or Dreamstime. We are a public domain image repository. We are a site where you come to explore and discover treasures that were left behind by the great designers that came before you. A place to find inspiration and designs that you can re-use in your creative projects. If you are expecting shutterstock, you will probably be disappointed. We aren’t trying to re-create the wheel, we are trying to create one place where you can come to be inspired to create something amazing. I hope that you will join me on this journey as I try to create an amazing website where you can explore hundreds of thousands of high resolution vintage public domain images.

We need your support

Many sites like ours ask for support but give nothing extra in return. Most sites try to limit how many images you can download and what you can do with those images. At we do things differently. When you offer us your support, you get unlimited access to high resolution public domain images and you can do anything you like with them. Plus, your support allows us to build new features into our site, which in turn makes the site better for everyone. We are a small “Mom and Pop” website, and we need your support to keep things going. Please consider becoming a premium member today, and keep the vintage dream alive.

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