20,000 Page Public Domain Collection Rudolph Ackermann’s Repository of Arts Circa 1800’s

Today we acquired an amazing collection of public domain images from the early 1800’s. This collection contains over 20,000 pages and over 1400 incredible illustrations.  If you bought this collection of paperback books you would pay $30 to $40 per book (about $1500 for the collection). See how much they are selling for at Barnes & Noble by clicking here. We are offering 40 PDF’s that encompass the entire collection of Rudolph Ackermann’s 20 year publication, Repository of Arts as a bulk download with an easy one click download.

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*Note to Premium Members: We are still processing the images and will soon have available to our premium members over 1400 high resolution illustrations from this massive collection. If you would like to have the entire collection that includes over 20,000 pages of history from early 19th century England, including the 1400 illustrations the only way to get the entire collection is to get the bulk download that includes 40 PDF’s of the entire collection.  (Each PDF is approximately 500 pages.)

The history of Ackermann’s Repository

Rudolph Ackermann was an Anglo-German bookseller, inventor, lithographer, publisher and businessman. His wish as a youth was to study at university, but this ultimately wasn’t possible because his family was too poor. So, instead he became a saddler, like his father and coach-builder in different German cities. Later he moved to Paris, and then London, where in 1795 he established a print-shop and drawing-school. This is where Ackermann set up a lithographic press and begun a business selling prints.

Ackermann had a background in design, so moving toward illustrating books was not a stretch for his entrepreneurial spirit. In 1809 he began using his press produce of the Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, which appeared monthly. It would continue for 20 years and even circulated internationally. It eventually evolved into a ladies magazine, but it continued to represent Ackermann’s wide-ranging interests. The illustrations were the highlight, with fashion plates and furniture designs in amazing detail. In an age before photography, the illustrations were all hand-colored, and totaled over 1,400 throughout the entire 20 year publication. They depict early 19th-century upper middle class England with amazing detail; clothing, furniture, room designs, houses, and country estates. There were even tiny samples of  fabrics and wallpaper that were attached to some of the pages. By the end the publication he had produced forty volumes in 20 years. By the time Ackerman died in 1834, he had published over 300 books.

repositoryofarts109acke 70

A view of Rudolph Ackermann’s London art gallery, called The Repository of Arts. Ackerman expanded on the gallery name for the title of his magazine. This plate is included in Volume 1 of the The Repository of Arts published in 1809.

Sample Images

For a preview of some of the public domain images and illustrations that you will find in the collection, see the low resolution sample images below.

*Note – The actual images in the collection are higher resolution than the samples below.




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Thanks For Nothing British Library Releases 1 Million Public Domain Images Via Flickr

In early December 2013 the British Library released over 1 million public domain images onto Flickr.com. These images are free to download and are in the public domain which means that you can do anything you want with them, they are royalty free and copyright free. There are a lot of people that are extremely excited about this announcement, and I was too at first, until I started downloading the images. So far, I have downloaded over 12,000 of the public domain images and only 28 of them are larger than 1MB in size.

Apparently, in 2008, the British Library, partnered with Microsoft, to digitize 68,000 out-of-copyright books from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Now they asking for help. Even though they know which book each image is taken from, the majority of the million picture collection is uncatalogued, and its subject matter unknown. Next year, they plan to launch a crowdsourced application to allow people to tag the images. The information gathered will then be used to train an automated classifier that will then be run against the entire collection of images that were scanned. Also, the British Library is soliciting ideas for how to present the collection to aid the tagging and metadata generation, and also make the pictures easier to navigate.

Some of the Public Domain Images

The Coming of Father Christmas Image taken from page 3 of 'The Yorkshire Coast Line: from Flamborough to Whitby, etc' Image taken from page 5 of 'His Loving Kindness. A daily companion; containing Scripture texts and hymns [by various authors] for a month. [Illustrated.]' Image taken from page 9 of 'Histoire de Be?arn ... Nouvelle e?dition orne ... de plusieurs gravures, avec la vie de Marca, une ge?ne?alogie, la bibliographie de ses Ïuvres ... Par M. l'abbe? V. Dubarat' Image taken from page 17 of 'History of the Ancient City Cross, Edinburgh ... And its restoration by ... W. E. Gladstone' Image taken from page 18 of 'A Narrow, Narrow World' Image taken from page 21 of 'The Christmas Hirelings ... Illustrated by F. H. Townsend' Image taken from page 21 of 'Sunny Dover, then and now ... Edited by F. G. Aflalo. With ... illustrations, etc'


To download 10,000 of the public domain images with one click, Click Here.

Most of the folks that will be the most excited about 1 Million public domain images, are folks like you and me who like using the public domain images in our design and artwork. Unfortunately it looks like the person at Microsoft in charge of scanning the images was drunk half the time and asleep the rest of the time. The images are cropped at weird angles chopping off important words and details that would help better catalog the images. To get me on board with helping to tag these images I’m going to need a pretty big incentive. Pay me money, which isn’t going to happen, or give me something of great value. The great value could have been there, if they would have provided higher resolution better scans.

They are trying to solicit the public to help in this endeavor and as one post stated “This is a remarkable, public spirited, archival project, and the British Library is to be loudly applauded for it!” For me my excitement began wavering when I realized the limitations with this collection of public domain images. Sure, the images will be great to look at on a computer screen, but if any artists or designers want to be able to use them on a larger scale, it’s just not going to happen, the image quality is just not there. So, thanks for nothing British Library! You built me up just to let me down.

I was totally let down by the British on this one. How about you? How do you feel about this? Are they asking for too much and giving to little in return? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear how you feel about this.



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Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management

This amazingly illustrated book from the mid 1800’s is a wonderful resource for public domain imagesMrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management was a guide to all aspects of running a household in Victorian Britain, edited by Isabella Beeton. It was originally entitled Beeton’s Book of Household Management, in line with the other guide-books published by Beeton. It was first published as a book in 1861 by S. O. Beeton Publishing, 161 Bouverie Street, London, a firm founded by her husband, Samuel Beeton.

Isabella, was 21 years old when she started working on the book, and she died at 28. The first publication was in 1859 in the form of 24 monthly installments. On December 25, 1861, the monthly installments were combined into book form and called The Book of Household Management, and was used as a guide for all Things Connected with Home Life and Comfort. 

It was an immediate best-seller, selling 60,000 copies in its first year and totaling nearly two million copies by 1868. Beeton has been described as ‘the grandmother of modern domestic goddesses’ and to this day her name still has iconic status in Britain: most people recognize it and know its connotations, although relatively few have actually come into contact with the book itself.

So take a look at these amazing vintage stock graphics that are scans from pages of the original publication. If you want to download the high resolution public domain images, Click Here for the free downloads.

stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res001stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res016 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res015 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res014 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res013 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res012 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res011 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res010 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res009 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res008 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res007 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res006 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res005 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res004 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res003 stock-graphics-Mrs-Beeton's-Book-of-Household-Management-low-res002

Vintage French Children’s Alphabet Learning Book Free Downloads

Click here to view and download some amazing free vintage french children’s alphabet book images. Of course these are all public domain images.

Stock Graphics Vintage Children’s Book Baseball A B C

This is an beautiful vintage children’s book from 1885 that is a resource for public domain images. These images are free to use in whatever way you would like without any licensing or restrictions. We have prepared 2 galleries for you, one with free low res images (600px) and one with high resolution downloads (4000px). The high res. downloads are for premium members only and do require that you support viintage.com.

Here is the link to the free Low Res. Gallery.

Here is the link to the premium High Res. Gallery.

Getty Museum Releases Public Domain Images

Plate XXXI.  Cantilevers Complete.  9th July, 1889. Portrait of a Man Portrait of a Young Lady in Profile "Agassiz" Column, Yosemite Boulevard de Strasbourg [Dinornis Elephantopus] Exposition universelle de 1889 / ƒtat d'avancement [Felix Nadar in Gondola of a Balloon] Guide for Constructing the Letter E A Sloth Fly, Caterpillar, Pear, and Centipede Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning (Meules, Effet de Neige, Le Matin) The "Piebald" Horse Portrait of Isabella of Portugal Self-Portrait, Yawning Portrait of Louis XIV Design for the Title Page of "The Exercise of Cavalry" Design for a Pendant Jewel Vases, Furniture and Objects Discovered at Herculaneum Studies of Three Women Portrait of Joseph Roulin

4847 Vintage Postcards from North Carolina